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    'You don't know what you've got til it's gone' so the lines of the song go.

    Yesterday, Saturday 29th October, local political group, Lewisham People Before Profit, led an action to retain golf at Beckenham Place Park.

    They write:
    "Beckenham Place Park hosts the last municipal golf course in Inner London and the oldest in England. Lewisham Council wants to close it on 31st October along with the cafe which is used by golfers and other park users. A legal challenge has been mounted and we hope to persuade the Council to allow the cafe and golf course to continue until work starts on their redesign of the park."

    See video of the action here:
    Here's a link to Lewisham council's deliberations on the matter

    Please note: The South East London Peoples Assembly Against Austerity (Selpa) post this to highlight community based activism.
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    Nov 1st, 7.45am, it's being reporting on social media that Beckenham Place Park is being occupied and help is required.

    "Lewisham People before Profit last night Occupied Beckenham Place Park in opposition to Labour Lewisham plans to develop parts of the park against the wishes of local residents and all Londoners opposed to the disruption of our decreasing public green spaces.

    All help and support needed at Southern Road entrance !"

    (Please note disclaimer in earlier post on this topic in the thread)
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    Two bits of news about this park

    Park run is now taking place at Beckenham Place Park, 200 took part on Saturday 19th November, more details here

    The battle to retain golf at Beckenham Place Park is taking place on the pages of the South London Press. Here for your persual

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