Bakerloo Line extension: Catford via Peckham is TfL's preferred route

Discussion in 'Public Transport' started by SE Steve, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. propdevel

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    CATFORD AND LEWISHAM - Bakerloo line in the planning!!

    Its really about time to have this news released that the Bakerloo line will be extended from Elephant and Castle to Lewisham and Catford. Long Last!!!

    With a huge population expansion, developments popping up all over the borough and in Zone 2 this deprived borough is in need of some investment. New shops and interesting squares will need to be planned if you want people to spend their cash in this borough. Tucked in between two amazing areas Greenwich and Blackheath, Lewisham has fantastic housing stock with large Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses with particular note LEWISHAM PARK that has stunning large Edwardian houses in front of a garden square! Wake up London, we are in a very under populated area with a great standard of living and low pollution!! Excellent private schools, good nurseries and stunning housing....
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    its still 20+ years away and the route has not been confirmed. the latest strategy is a welcome sign thats its on the 'to do' list but thats all.
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    FWIW - the poster propdevil holds the aces and I for one think he's right.
    They can't wait that long and £3 billion is not alot of money.
    In fact it's astonishingingly good value for money given the ph saved.

    PS; One thing I can't figure out is where all the images go.
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  5. CrazyCatfrod

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    :) Sorry there's something I got wrong and I want to apologise here and now.:confused:

    It's Catford Green:)

    That's Catford Green:)

    and NOT Rushey Green:oops::oops:

    ..................or even Catford :rolleyes:

    and there's certainly no dog track now.:D

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