Bag snatched on Brockley Road

Discussion in 'Brockley' started by sevenoakser, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. sevenoakser

    sevenoakser Local

    Just a warning - was walking home tonight about 9.20 along Brockley Road toward Crofton Park and out of nowhere, as I went past the cemetery, a man shoved me from behind and then dragged me out into the traffic, grabbing the bag from my shoulder. He then raced off down Dalrymple Rd. Very scary - watch out, everyone.
  2. sevenoakser

    sevenoakser Local

    And just wanted to add a huge thanks to the police. Unbelievably brilliant - came within two mins of my call, drove me round looking to see if I could spot the guy, and even walked up Dalrymple Rd with me where we recovered hairbrush, packet of Nurofen, notebook and the end of a roll of Polo Mints. If anyone in that area comes across a paperback by David Sedaris or blue hardcover spiral bound notebook, various membership cards or shabby small green backpack please let me know! Am sure the thief wasn't interested.
  3. Kate-moving

    Kate-moving Local

    So sorry to hear about this. I hope you're ok, it sounds very scary.
  4. Aricana

    Aricana Respected Local

    That sounds awful. Really hope you are ok and thanks for letting other know.
  5. cupcake_girl

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    that's awful. having had the similar happen to me a couple of years ago (different part of London), it is a very unsettling experience. glad the police were helpful and hope they catch the baddie.

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