Advice on renting house in West Catford area?

Discussion in 'Catford & Hither Green' started by S_J_B, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. S_J_B

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    Hello people,

    My sister (a nurse), her partner (a doctor), myself (a journalist) and my very well-behaved teen are all looking for a house to rent in an area that my daughter can get to school easily.

    West Catford (and Forest Hill/Honor Oak) seems really convenient as she needs to get the P4 bus route....can anyone advise whether we have a hope of finding a house to rent in this area for no more than £1,700?!

    We're renting separate properties at the moment in Crystal Palace and we're non-smoking, good tenants, excellent references etc!

    If anyone has any advice to offer - that doesn't involve agencies - we'd be grateful! We'd love to find a good private landlord....
  2. Helene

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    Good private landlords are as rare as hen's teeth, I'm afraid.

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