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    First message - welcome to the club

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    Been here a month - you're not a newbie anymore

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    10 posts - you're a regular

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    5 likes - nicely done

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    10 likes - South East London likes you

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    30 posts - you just keep coming back!

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    25 likes - you're pretty damn likeable

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    100 posts - good work!

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    50 likes - you've got more fans than Meze Mangal!

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    200 posts - awesome work!

    Looks like you're addicted to South East Central. Don't tell me, you're from Nunhead? :)

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    You're a forum favourite

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    250 likes - have you considered running for councillor?

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    1000 posts - can we buy you a drink?

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    500 likes? Ok, so they REALLY like you

    Content you have posted has attracted 500 likes. This is basically impossible, so that's quite impressive.